How To Buy Land

Buying land has never been easier. You have a choice of paying all cash up front for a steep discount or we will finance the purchase with a small down payment and affordable monthly payments—payments are as low as the amount of another utility bill! Not only do we offer low monthly payments, we also offer 0% interest* and no prepayment penalties.

When you buy land from us, you get:

  • ➥ Wholesale Cash Prices
  • ➥ Low Down Payment
  • ➥ Low Monthly Payment
  • ➥ 0% Interest Rate*
  • ➥ Fully Amortized Loan
  • ➥ NO Balloon Payments
  • ➥ NO Credit Checks
  • ➥ NO Qualifying
  • ➥ NO Pre-Payment Penalties

* 0% interest rate offered on selected properties

How it works:

  1. We encourage you to visit the property and do your research to make sure that the property suits your needs. We will pass on all information we know about the property to you.
  2. Once you’ve decided to purchase, contact us at 214-901-7077 or by email at to confirm that the parcel is still available.
  3. We will then email you either a Land Sale Agreement if you are paying cash, or a Land Contract Agreement if you are financing, for your signature.
  4. You will signed paperwork and return it to us and make the down payment plus the Document Fee of $199 using a debit or credit card by clicking on the Make a Payment menu. Follow the instructions and complete the payment. A notification will be sent to us.
  5. When we receive the payment notification and the signed paperwork,  and if you are paying cash, we will accept the balance of the payment by cashier’s check or wire transfer. (Note: we would be willing to accept a credit or debit card for the balance of the payment if you are willing to pay a 3.5% convenience fee). After receiving full payment, we will submit a notarized deed in your name to the County Clerk for recording.
  6. If you are financing, there is nothing else to be done. You continue to make monthly payments as per the Land Contract Agreement for the duration of the contract. Once all payments are completed, we will submit a notarized deed in your name to the County Clerk for recording.

Note: We sell all our owner financing properties using a Land Contract Agreement. That means we hold title to the property until the terms of the Land Contract Agreement are fulfilled. Once payments has been completed, a notarized deed will be submitted to the county recorder in your name.

Additional Information for Financed Purchases

  • There are no prepayment penalties, the loan balance can be pre-paid or pay in full at any time
  • On most properties we offer 1-Year-Same-As-Cash option
  • There is a $199 NON-REFUNDABLE Document Fee for each sale
  • We will bill you for the property taxes when they come due and pay them on your behalf
  • Monthly payments can be made online (an addition 3.5% convenience fee is charged), direct deposit or by check or money order

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