Seller Financing: The Best Loan

Seller Financing: The Best Loan In non-Seller Financing real estate transactions, unless the transaction is for cash, the buyer would have to seek a loan from a 3rd party - such as a bank - to finance the purchase. The 3rd party lender would charge interest on the amount borrowed. In the case of land, it is very difficult to find 3rd party lenders who will loan money with land as the collateral. Even if you were lucky to find such a one, the interest ...
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Land for sale

It’s Your Land…Or is it?

First my little disclaimer The following is not legal advice but simply a description of the various ways a deed can be vested. Many land owners are surprised when they try to sell their land only to find that the deed was not recorded correctly or the type of vesting does not allowing them to sell unless they go through probate. What do I mean? Let’s talk about types of vesting in this post. Not to be confused with Types of Deeds (which can be ...
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